Learning does not imply fun.

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Learning does not imply fun.
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Date created: 2002-06-18 17:40:19
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While at a dinner party one time, I heard two teachers argueing with each other about whether learning should be fun or not. The younger teacher felt that the more fun you make the learning experience, the more people will be able to learn. This implies that people only will learn if it's easy. The older teacher stated that some subjects and more advanced material could not be simplified much before they lost their meaning, and so intensive studying was needed to learn it. I tend to agree with the latter opinion. Some, if not most college level material requires a certain degree of intensity and understanding that precludes most attempts to make it easier to learn. The trick is to find something interesting in the material that will motivate you to learn it fully. This is kinda where the Puritan phrase "good hard work" comes from.