Mainstream concerts

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Mainstream concerts
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Date created: 2002-04-22 19:16:02
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I think that's about the last time I'll go to any mainstream arena event concerts. We waited outside for two hours in the 40 degree weather after the doors opened because the cops decided that they needed to check everyone's identification (to see if they were at least 18), and pad everyone down to check for weapons, etc. While outside, a few police officers drove by in their warm cars and told us several times that the following things would not be allowed in the building

  • backpacks
  • purses
  • cameras
  • cans
  • cell phones
  • lipstick
  • some other items that seemed non-threatening

<SARC>No, we're not losing our civil liberties</SARC>. I think they failed to mention that we couldn't bring in the obvious like guns, bombs, computers, signs, etc. Once inside, it was so crowded that most people couldn't find a seat. Security was blocking nearly all entrances to the stadium seats stating that there was no more room. Meanwhile we find out that we can't get up to the upper level because it's blocked off (eventually they opened it up). They obviously oversold their seating. Chemical Brothers were awesome though. Their visual-acoustic presentation was worth the trip.