The reason I don't go to Radio Shack

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The reason I don't go to Radio Shack
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Date created: 2002-08-19 21:03:27
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Over the decades, Radio Shack has become less and less reputable as a place to find answers or rare hard to find electronics devices. Every year I go there once and reconfirm why I shouldn't go there anymore. But somehow I find some reason to try them out again, only to be disappointed.

This time was no different. I went to several stores in town looking for a KVM switch so that I could hook my monitor, keyboard and mouse up to multiple computers and switch between them. When I asked the tall guy at Radio Shack, he just gave me a blank stare and then said "You mean a USB switch? We have some of those over here." And then proceeded to show me something I didn't need. Then when I said no he said, maybe you mean a DSL switching router, which is something that has nothing to do with keyboards, monitors or mice. At that point I was ready to leave and asked another guy working there. He didn't seem to know what I was talking about either until I pointed at the video AB switches you can use for normal RCA video signals. He then was confident that they didn't have what I was looking for and told me that they didn't make things like that. Yeah, as if I just made it up.

At least I didn't have to give them my phone number.