Three rights make a left

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Three rights make a left
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Date created: 2002-05-29 14:21:50
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I'm hoping that a lot of you drive. If you don't or aren't old enough yet, listen closely as well.

All the time I see people trying to make left turns in the stupidest places. Either the road they are trying to turn on to is too busy, or they are on a two lane road that is very busy and end up holding up all the people behind them while they wait for the chance to make this turn. Dudes, you aren't important enough to make all of us wait. The solution for these people is to find a better place to turn.

Let's say you're on a two lane road, you come to a stoplight and want to make a left. Now if it's possible, make a left if the stoplight gives you a green arrow, but if you miss the green arrow or the light doesn't have one, go on ahead and make a right at the next block. Now make two more rights at the following two intersections until you get back to the same light that you were at before. Except now you should be facing the way you wanted to originally go. Now when the light turns green you can just go straight across. This makes it harder for you, but it saves everyone else a lot of time and frustration. It also will cut down on overall traffic. In Bloomington during the week, there are several streets that get cloged up with cars because people want to make lefts at rediculous places and hold up all the cars behind them.