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In honor of the 10th anniversary of Suso, It has come time for a website redesign. But this time I haven't just redone the site, I've transfered it to a wiki. Its a wiki of my personal life or a Xulu (Pronounced like Zhulu).

A wiki, in case you don't know, is a web application that allows many people unrelated to each other to edit a website with a common goal. Bloomingpedia is a good example of a wiki that a lot of people contribute to. But were Bloomingpedia is about the locality of a city, SusoSight as a Xulu revolves around my own life, simular to Jon Konrath's Necrokonicon.

So I welcome you to explore what I'm interested in, some of it may be useful to you, especially if you are interested in some of the same subjects like computers, music, art, etc. There are still many parts of this site that are unfinished, of course, that's the point. It will grow as I grow and add things to it.

There is also a new forum that you can use to talk about these subjects, my thoughts of the moment, programs I've written or art I've created. Enjoy.

Welcome to Xulu! (#119, 2007-10-31 07:48:40, discussion)
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