What superpower would you want to have?

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What superpower would you want to have?
Number: 82  
Date created: 2003-02-05 14:46:59
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Voting results: Groundhog Day power: 4

Fly: 1
Laser eyes: 0
Invisibility: 1
Mind reading: 2
Invulnerability: 0
Superspeed: 1
Teleportation: 3
Super strength: 1
Other: 2

If you've ever seen the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, you wouldn't have just been entertained by the talented commedian, but you've also been introduced to an interesting concept. The idea of living in one day over and over and over for years. What would you do? What would you learn? Think of all the things you could try without regrets.

Of all the superpowers that I can think of, I think having the Groundhog Day power would be the best. Flying around, and other superhuman powers would get old and make you an outcast after a while. Chances are, you'd be taken away by the government before too long.

But if I had the power to live the same day as long as you wanted to, even dying wouldn't really kill you, there would be no consequences to your actions. At least not until the last day that you had this power.

You could run around naked, you could jump off the Sears Tower, rob a bank, drive as fast as you wanted, act really crazy, spend several of the days learning a new language, learning an instrument, studying chemestry, learn about people, whatever. Take some time and think of the possibilities. You could probably learn so much that the day that you stop having the power, you could start doing anything you wanted with your true life.

The truth is in real life, you can take the time (your whole life) to do some of the things you would want to do without the consequences. If you want to run around naked, be a naturalist, if you want to jump off the Sears tower, try sky diving, if you want to be a theif, be a good one and don't get caught. If you want to drive as fast as you want, be a race car driver. If you want to act really crazy, be a comedian.

It's like that prospect of what would you do if you had a million dollars, whatever you answer is what you should have a carrer in.