From SusoSight

2010 is turning out to be one of my most prolific, productive and successful years ever.


  • Finally got Newman automation system working at Suso and automated creation of domains, email accounts and other things (so far).
  • Finally learned how LDAP works and migrated Suso auth to LDAP.
  • Wrote a parking spot analysis program.
  • Wrote clide, command line general colorizing software.
  • Created climagic twitter/identica feeds (technically, in Dec. 2009, but close enough).
  • Gave presentation on climagic at Ohio Linux Fest 2010.
  • Bought a house and moved to the east side of Btown.
  • Learned Yii framework and Jquery.
  • Learned oauth and wrote a few programs that use it.
  • First paid gig doing 3d animation for company.
  • Moved arvo to dorabella
  • Reinstalled camille
  • Moved Suso to proxy IMAP/POP3 architecture
  • Created FastSwap system on Xen hosts for the VMs, drastically reducing system load and latency.

  • Helped start up my Mother in Law's successful alterations company.
  • Helped start up and plan for Indiana Linux Fest 2011.

And there is still more to go.