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Me, myself and I.

My life stats, am I crazy? You be the judge.

Current freetime activities:

  • Mostly spending time with my wife and kids.
  • Exercising 5 days a week to get fit again
  • Fixing things around the house and organizing
  • Transfering some old videos to digital form to preserve them.
  • Listing to music.
  • Watching the Russian and Korean channels.
  • Watching movies
  • Open source programming whenever there is time.
  • Public Speaking
  • Making the best coffee ice cream milkshakes in the world. ;-)

Current Bloomingpedia activities:

  • Doing research into some old businesses and buildings.
  • Featured article of the week and mystery picture of the week.
  • Figuring out how to stop spammers from registering accounts.
  • Promoting the site

Current Suso Technology Services / activities:

  • Putting out fires and helping customers
  • Developing new Xen customer server
  • Transition to LDAP
  • Seperation of mail server from user server
  • Making everything consistent

Current day job activities (

  • A whole slew of things that I can't talk about due to NDA. Suffice it to say that the other Linux administrator I was working with left at about the worst possible time and now I'm alone doing the workload of about 3 experienced system administrators. Its starting to affect other things in my life.

And because you are so interested, here is a picture of my dog Monty, who passed on a few years ago. He was an amazing animal who had a great life.