From SusoSight

Perhaps these songs should have been for my ears only. Also check out Music.

This is a work still in progress. I wrote this remix of an old Commodore 64 game song that I listened to a lot. The original is here. I actually knew this song from the cracker intro to "10th Frame". The intro was done by a group called "Thee Supreme Council". But this actual song is by the well known C64 composer Ben Daglish and is originally from the game Bombo.

Cyclic groups are something that I am studying in Mathmatics. They are groups of abstractions that cycle back onto themselves. This ambient piece is inspired a bit by that concept.

The key to falling asleep, is to try to stay awake. Check out this new ambient piece that I wrote with Reason.

This is my first real song written with this new kickass software called Reason by Propelerhead Software. I wanted to write something that was made of simple elements. The one note bassline that repeats is the base of that simplicity that I build off of. The name for the song just kinda came out of my ass after thinking about the Aphex Twin song of simular name.

My friends Scott and Karen came over to watch a movie one night (I've forgotten what movie) concluded the evening my making strange noises into the microphone. I've always wanted to write a song composed entirely from the sounds of technology, or our interaction with technology. This one comes close to that goal.