Weather is unpredictable.

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Weather is unpredictable.
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Date created: 2002-06-06 15:09:22
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I'm getting married this Saturday and one of the things I've been doing over the past few days is watching what the weather forecast for this weekend is. The Weather Channel website is usually were I check the weather, they have a 10 day forecast. However, I knew in the past that 10 day forecasts or even 4 day forecasts are extremely unreliable. I've often seen drastic shifts in predictions up until the day for which a certain type of weather was predicted. So this time I decided to record the forcast for Bloomington, IN on June 8th each day in a file up until the day of the wedding. Here are the recordings that I have made, which already demonstrate my point:

<FONT COLOR="yellow">Thursday May 30th:          High   Low</FONT>
 Jun 8 Mostly Cloudy        79�F   58�F UV Index: 9 High
<FONT COLOR="yellow">Friday May 31st:</FONT>
 Jun 8 Mostly Cloudy        78�F   57�F UV Index: 9 High
<FONT COLOR="yellow">Sunday June 2nd:</FONT>
 Jun 8 Mostly Cloudy        76�F   55�F UV Index: 9 High
<FONT COLOR="yellow">Monday June 3rd
 Jun 8 Mostly Sunny         79�F   53�F UV Index: 9 High
<FONT COLOR="yellow">(11am):</FONT>
 Jun 8 Isolated T-Storms    83�F   60�F UV Index: 9 High
<FONT COLOR="yellow">Tuesday June 4th
 Jun 8 Isolated T-Storms    82�F   60�F UV Index: 9 High
<FONT COLOR="yellow">(2pm):</FONT>
 Jun 8 Scattered T-Storms   83�F   61�F UV Index: 9 High
<FONT COLOR="yellow">Wednesday June 5th
 Jun 8 Scattered T-Storms   85�F   66�F UV Index: 10 Very High
<FONT COLOR="yellow">(1pm):</FONT>
 Jun 8 Mostly Cloudy        83�F   61�F UV Index: 9 High
<FONT COLOR="yellow">Thursday June 6th
 Jun 8 Mostly Sunny         85�F   58�F UV Index: 9 High

Wow, what a ride that was. I think the weather went in a complete circle. Why should they bother posting a 10 day forecast if it's going to be so volitile and inaccurate? It's pretty much useless and misleading to people. I can't even begin to understand where all this money is going that companies are investing in supercomputers for weather prediction.